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The people-centered design approach aims to make the experience of objects
and environments more meaningful and exciting.
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Flexible Architectural Solutions

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The Framery O office phone booth gives employees privacy
and opportunity for uninterrupted work

Featured Furniture Manufacturers
  • Knoll
  • Framery
  • Sit On It
  • Global
  • Allermuir
  • Krug
  • ESI
  • Versteel
  • Nevins
  • Source
  • Arcadia
Our Areas of Expertise
Office spaces that engage, evolve and endure
Solutions that work as hard as your team
Experience in federal, state and local levels
Designed with flexibility and expansion in mind

Office Furniture In Phoenix And Tucson

24/7 is the new 9 to 5. We recognize the factors that are transforming the way people work and live. We recognize the blending of home and office, the increase of a mobile workforce, and the dynamic spirit of connectivity and collaboration. These insights give us the ability to transcend traditional thinking and reimagine what’s possible in the workplace. Our unique understanding of the new workplace has allowed us to succeed at providing Phoenix with custom environments that engage, evolve and endure.


It’s the connections that matter most and Corporate Interior Systems creates unconventional workspaces that encourage more effective collaboration, communication, and connections in the workplace. Our approach captures the Knoll focus of connecting people to their work, their lives and their world. We create spaces that unlock the power, potential, and performance of the people that use them.

Featured Office Furniture Products

  Antenna TelescopeHaven   Framery Q