Product Spotlight ✨ August 2021

August 19, 2021


Terrazzo puts a contemporary spin on classic materials through playful patterning and textural contrast. Click here to learn more.


Folk is both timeless in its seemingly familiar design and timely in its modest and ingenious flexibility. A range of wood, plastic, and metal finishes, different colors, and upholstery options allow you to change Folk’s flavor so that it can appear like a range of different chairs that somehow sit together harmoniously in one space. Click here to learn more.




The Flow Trolley brings the concept of functional design into a modern context through its grooved trays in embossed metal for a contemporary expression, paired with the flexibility of its wheels that allows for it to be moved from one room into the other. Designed in a monochrome look, the Flow Trolley adds modern storage to any space in the home, workplace, or hospitality setting. Click here to learn more.




Slip into something exceptionally comfortable with Dava. With two back heights accommodating various preferences, its soft and rounded forms convey a relaxed state of being to face the day ahead with ease. Offered on a metal swivel base for those craving movement, or a fixed wood alternative, either will surely enhance the surroundings it occupies in spades. Click here to learn more.


August 5, 2021


This chic, multipurpose chair or stool with a unique personality and futuristic appearance is perfect for a variety of applications. Available in white, with optional seatpad and produced from lightweight poly – the seat, backrest, and armrests seamlessly come together to create this cheeky and hip, Little Perillo. Click here to learn more.



Hexy™ is what happens when you let inspiration drive innovation – and engineer ergonomics right into the frame. Its hexagon core creates natural support so there’s no need for external lumbar controls, and the high-performing mesh fuses with the extra-wide backrest seamlessly. It’s the ultimate seat for action-packed (and comfort-backed) environments. Click here to learn more.




Ridge recycling station, with its special expression, becomes a different and interesting feature in office and public spaces. Standing together Ridge creates a feeling of a city skyline, and can favorably be placed in the middle of a room. As Ridge has an equally high finish on all sides, it has the essence of an interior detail, not just a recycling stations. Click here to learn more.



Rokkadot® is a unique rocking workstation that brings an element of playfulness to the workplace with its integrated desk platform the perfect place for your notes, laptop or just a good book. Click here to learn more.