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CIS Chair

At the core of CIS is family. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re here for each other every step of the way

We are always on the lookout for creative, talented, driven team members

We have an amazing culture that looks beyond just “the making of money”. Our mission is to help our clients ensure that their experience and new environments delight them in every way.

Project Manager

 The Project Manager oversees the coordination, project schedule, execution of the installation process and management of projects. They are responsible for determining the scope of work with client, maintaining the schedule, installation oversight, closeout of the project and maintaining overall profitability of the job.

What You’ll Do

Project Information, Developing and Obtaining Installation Quotes 

  • Obtains field dimensions, determining electrical and data solutions, gathering other pertinent project information required for the designers to complete drawings and specifications on projects over 5 offices.
  • Reviews floorplans and CAP specifications to become familiar with the project
  • Conducts site visits to determine scope of work: building conditions, dock and elevator access, free and clear access to the space, after hours delivery and other requirements
  • Coordinates information with Account Manager, client to determine the sequencing/phasing of the installation and specifications
  • Requests delivery and install quotes on projects over 5 offices
  • Service Request form used to share information with install team

Project Schedule and Timeline Coordination

  • Develops ‘Project Schedule’
  • Communicates with PC to ensure timely truck deliveries
  • Coordinates installation and construction schedules with contractors, trades, and client
  • Maintains project documentation

Attends Construction and Project Meetings

  • Attends construction meetings, other pertinent project meetings
  • Interfaces with CIS and customer project team members to verify and update timeline and schedule changes, communicates information to Sales/SA and the CIS team
  • Obtains final installation drawings from Designer a minimum of two weeks after the order is placed
  • Verifies install drawings and specs interface with site and building (ie outlet locations, columns etc)
  • Preinstall meeting scheduled with install company to review install drawings
  • Uploads final ‘Install Packet’ to PlanGrid
  • Provides necessary documents required for install of project

 Visits and Field Verification

  • Verifies critical dimensions and field verification measurements
  • Verifies core drills and power pole locations
  • Conducts pre-walk thru of job site prior to install with customer and/or GC to identify any issues.
  • Documents and shares site condition information with all parties utilizing PlanGrid

Installation Oversight

  • Communicates daily reports from field to client via PlanGrid
  • Ensures quality control is up to CIS/manufacturer standards
  • Documents change orders and process
  • Manages and resolves field issues and challenges
  • Attends pre-walk-thru, makes sure that furniture is cleaned, and trash is removed

Punchlist, Project Closeout and Maintain Profitability

  • Attends walk-thru with installation company and customer
  • Directs install company on product adjustments during the walk-thru
  • Generates the punchlist
  • Owns the punchlist installation and project completion to the satisfaction of the customer, obtains sign-off on
  • Responsible for avoiding profit erosion/maintaining the overall profitability of the job

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Account Manager - Sales

 The primarily responsibility of Sales is to find, develop and close new business opportunities with new and existing clients that result in the generation of profitable sales of CIS products and dealer services. Sales oversees the Project Team and is involved as they follow and complete the activities in the CIS process.

What You’ll Do

Quota Achievement and Business Planning

1. Achieves annual sales quota goals for Revenue and Gross Profit dollars 

2. Develops Annual ‘Success Map’ with steps for achievement of sales quota and goals

3. Maintains and updates sales forecast

Prospect and Network to Uncover Leads and Referral Opportunities

1. Identifies and builds relationships with key Industry Influencers to obtain referrals and leads (A&D, Project Managers, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Developers, General Contractors and Trades)

2. Lead generation through membership and committee involvement in industry and community organizations 

3. Lead Generation through ‘individual referral sources’ or ‘attendance in professional networking associations’ with other business to business sellers 

4. Identifies specific new commercial Target Accounts to pursue for new business opportunities

5. Develops and implements marketing strategies to penetrate GSA Target Accounts

6. Strategizes and partners with Knoll and other vendor partners to pursue new accounts

7. Uncovers new business opportunities in existing account relationships

Qualify Opportunities and Manage the Sales Process 

1. Follows-up on leads and referrals in a timely manner, enters data and activities into IQ

2. Makes prospecting and scouting calls to leads, referrals and target accounts to set appointments

3. Qualifies opportunities to ensure that they are a solid, profitable potential CIS customer

4. Fully educated, well versed and capable of presenting products, contracts and dealer services 

5. Communicates the qualifying information and project details to Ancillary Specialist and Team

6. Engages Director of Sales in strategies to secure the account and develop profitability 

Involved in the Order Fulfillment Process, Engages and oversees the Team

1. Completes customer and project information to set-up job in IQ (Ancillary Specialist will help set up project information and obtain Team Design proposal #) 

2. Submits Technical Design Requests for services and Finish forms

3. Provides Design with programming information, determines how design fee will be billed to customer (by typical or by contract with actual hours), presents typicals and budgets to clients for approval)

4. Spearheads efforts with Knoll to meet with customer, participates in evaluations and presentations

5. Involves CIS management in negotiating pricing discounts and contracts with vendors to secure best possible profitability on projects and on-going business

6. Supplies Design with discount forms and mark-up information

7. Generates CAP specifications for non-knoll products and initiates the D&I request form Conduct field verification of measurements on small projects.

8. Presents and reviews proposal to client for approval and obtains sign off on drawings, proposal, T&C’s, and requests 50% deposits 

9. Submits Order Release forms and signoffs to Ancillary Specialist so that order can be placed.

10. Participates in key project, construction and team meetings to discuss scheduling and project status

11. Assists as needed in with walk-thru of the punch list

12. Responsible for the overall profitability of the project, stays in close contact with PM & Team through job close-out, assists accounting with any collection issues when requested

13. Ensures that the customer is satisfied with products and services 

Maintains the Customer Relationship (Post-Sale), Scouts for New Business Opportunities

1. Maintains and develops new relationships with key contacts within the customer’s organization

2. Keeps in touch with customer to make sure they are satisfied with CIS and vendor performance

3. Assists PM, Team and customer with resolution of major service or performance issues 

4. Pursues new business opportunities within the account

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Claims Coordinator

Investigates punch and warranty claims where the manufacturer is assumed to be at fault. Work with customer service at manufacturer facility to obtain replacement product and reimbursement for labor costs. 

What You’ll Do

  • Receives, reviews and processes punch lists from project management and project coordination teams
  • Receives requests directly from client, and/or forwarded from Sales/Project Management (PM)/ Project Coordinator (PC) for warranty work
  • Submits claims with photos, detail description of issues and requested replacement product to manufacturer via email or manufacturer website
  • Requests labor quotes from installation companies for evaluation and/or replacement/repair
  • Request labor reimbursement from manufacturer
  • Enters orders into Order Management Database (OMD) for status, tracking, receiving and bill back to manufacturer
  • Communicates status to client and PC/PM/Sales
  • Schedules installation with install company and client
  • Follow up as needed to keep the claim moving through the process
  • Update OMD dates to accurately project invoicing/close-out of order
  • Acknowledgements
  • Receive and enter all non-Knoll acknowledgements into OMD
  • Batch, flag for pricing errors and distribute to PC team daily
  • Shipping notices
  • Receive and enter all shipping notices/tracking information into OMD
  • Forward to PC team member

Required Skills

  • Detail Oriented – must be able to review, evaluate and synthesize a large volume of information
  • Organized – filing systems in Outlook and File Explorer are easily searched and information found quickly
  • Problem Solving – must be able to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, develop alternative solutions, reach out for help as needed
  • Customer Service – high degree of customer service, friendliness, and empathy, be able to manage difficult customer emotions and not take things personally
  • Communication – receive and distribute information from and to a wide range of personalities and communication types. Be flexible and friendly with tone, focus on solving conflict. Speak and write clearly and informatively.
  • Adaptability – adapt to changes in work environment and atmosphere, changes approach or method to best fit the situation and person you are communicating with
  • Dependability – able to take direction and run with it, ask questions when unsure, keep commitments and communicate when goal is at risk

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Project Coordinator

The primary responsibility is to maintain a high level of customer service to our customers through managing the order process and closeout of each proposal. Project Coordinators (PCs) are responsible for the generation and processing of sales orders in our operating system, Core. They track/schedule/coordinate through delivery and installation and collaborate with Sales and Project Manager to ensure that the job is closed out with the customer and in Core. PCs also are the point of contact for ongoing service-related issues for the customer and process solutions until completed.

What You’ll Do

  • Maintain Customers & Vendors in Operating System (Core)
  • Update Customer and Vendor profiles
  • Maintain relationships and working processes with each Vendor
  • Facilitate Weekly Sales Team Meetings
  • Review upcoming installation schedule, meetings, walkthroughs along with orders in pending/hold statuses, open punch lists, DIGG projects, and any additional team notes or happenings
  • Process Purchase Orders with Vendors and Verify Acknowledgements
  • Resolve pricing and other discrepancies
  • Forward deposit requests to Accounting
  • Track Orders, Schedule Deliveries, and Installations
  • Expedite orders to meet requested installation dates
  • Create and send status reports to clients
  • Send final ‘Install Packet’ to installation company (drawings from Design, delivery tickets, site notes, etc.)
  • Obtain receiving and delivery documentation from the install company
  • File, track, and processes freight claims
  • Process all punch orders for product and labor reimbursements
  • Handle and track warranty and service calls with the vendor and clients
  • Follow established policies, processes, and guidelines to close out a project
  • Assist with handling customer service calls and requests including work or change orders
  • Specify, create, and send small quotes to customers
  • Follow up for and receive approval, apply to order, and begin order processing
  • Pull together vendor documents as needed for bids
  • Send fabric and custom finish samples for testing
  • Assist in creating project timelines
  • Request and evaluate labor quotes
  • Work with Sales to complete and send large project quotes

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digg Director of Sales

 You will develop, coordinate and manage day-to-day goals and activities for the dig interior construction team. You will hold the ultimate responsibility for developing both internal and external relationships, constructing new marketing strategies, creating plans and evaluating efficiencies that will affect company growth and inter-office team-building, along with, growing the business and increasing revenues. You will lead the charge to meet and exceed dig revenue goals while embodying the CIS Core Values and Core Focus as they market CIS throughout Arizona.

What You’ll Do

  • Share the value and benefits of DIRTT prefabricated interior construction throughout Arizona
  • Builds and maintains client and employee relationships throughout all market segments
  • Responsible for managing communication between the dig & furniture teams
  • Strategic Planning leader- key to multi-prong approach to projects, when CIS & DIRTT teams involved – update and manage communication for all parties 
  • Manage and maintain CRM system –dig team
  • Updating opportunities, teaming with the appropriate seller to execute
  • Execute and elevate the CIS brand story in market place throughout Arizona
  • Optimize Industry Organization involvement – manage and maintain related marketing budget
  • Responsible for involvement in industry organizations and measure the involvement of sellers, communicate events and manage spend and ROI
  • Revive old relationships and service agreements with non-active existing accounts
  • Follows market trends to develop new and creative marketing strategies
  • Tracks projects and sales goals with assistance of sales dig team
  • Leads dig sales on relationship building events
  • Monitor activity and ensure accountability among team members
  • Set & manage expectations for company growth
  • Possess a strong understanding of CIS and digg and basic daily activities of each department
  • Communicates information, both technical and non-technical, to employees and clients, in a clear and concise manner 

Required Skills

  • A confident, driven, and dynamic leader
  • Team player
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking, interpersonal, and communication (written and verbal) skills 
  • Negotiation and presentation skills 
  • Goal-oriented

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Director of Business Development

 The primary responsibility of the business development role is to find new business opportunities and manage relationships with the architecture and design community, commercial real estate brokers, project manager firms, and other industry-related professionals in Arizona. This role oversees new opportunities and engages with internal sales representatives to secure new business.

What You’ll Do

  • Development and implementation of the Brand strategy.
  • Remain current in knowledge of new product developments 
  • Continuously present new product updates to the market
  • Remain current in market trends and relay that information to internal teams and colleagues in the industry
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop new presentation materials for proposals and new client presentations
  • Engage with industry networking events and organizations
  • Find and qualify new opportunities 
  • Collaborate with internal sales reps to secure new business
  • Manage CRM

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Construction Project Manager

The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for ensuring that projects are designed in accordance with constructability and code guidelines and are executed efficiently and effectively, and in compliance with prescribed procedures. The PM is expected to plan, coordinate and manage all project tasks, critical dates, budgets, performance, quality and customer satisfaction for each assigned project. The PM will work closely with vendors/partners, management, sales and accounting personnel to ensure consistent, high quality service on all projects. The PM coordinates both internally and externally all post-order activities and oversees the installation and project close-out process with the client. This role requires an individual who is organized, detail-oriented and performs their assignments with a proactive approach and a sense of urgency.

What You’ll Do

  • Work alongside Preconstruction team during early stages of design, site evaluation and budgeting. 
  • Coordinate with CIS furniture team regarding coordination requirements. 
  • Meet with clients to interpret and develop design packages. 
  • Develop ICE (DIRTT’s proprietary 3-D manufacturing and pricing software) design files for ROM and budget creation. 
  • Obtain outside vendor pricing. 
  • Provide technical information and drawings for permit to design team, GC, city officials, inspectors, etc. 
  • Submit orders and schedule deliveries and installs. 
  • Develop and maintain project schedule. 
  • Participate in construction/site meetings and provide site coordination/education to subcontractors. 
  • Create shop drawings for order. 
  • Manage installation team. 
  • Communicate with client on project timelines and progress. 
  • Promptly address field coordination items. 
  • Follow digg and DIRTT processes for successful projects. 

Required Skills

  • Confident, driven and dynamic self-starter
  • Team player
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking, interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Goal and solution-oriented 
  • Experience with design software such as Sketchup, Revit and Autocad
  • Construction management experience 

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