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CIS Chair

At the core of CIS is family. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re here for each other every step of the way

We are always on the lookout for creative, talented, driven team members

We have an amazing culture that looks beyond just “the making of money”. Our mission is to help our clients ensure that their experience and new environments delight them in every way.

Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the coordination and management of projects over 10 offices/stations, they are responsible for the determine scope of work, maintain schedule, installation oversight, closeout of the project, and maintaining overall profitability of the job.



Assists with Project Information, Developing and Obtaining Installation Quotes 

  • Reviews floorplans 
  • Conducts site visits to determine building conditions
  • Coordinates information to determine the sequencing/phasing of the installation and specifications

Schedule and Timeline Coordination, Project Documentation

  • Develops ‘Project Timeline’

Attends Construction and Project Meetings, Finalizes Installation Plan

  • Reviews the Order
  • Interfaces with CIS and customer project team
  • Coordinates schedules with contractors, data, electrical trades, and movers
  • Obtains final installation drawings from Designer a minimum of two weeks after the order is placed
  • Reviews install drawings with Install Company

Conducts Pre-install Site Visits and Field Verification

  • Verifies critical dimensions and field verification measurements 
  • Verifies core drills and power pole locations
  • Conducts pre-walk thru of job site

Oversees the Installation Process and Crew

  • Confirms that project schedule is being adhered 
  • Documents and handles change orders 
  • Updates and communicates installation progress to the client
  • Manages and resolves field issues
  • Participates in Walk-thru, Completes Punchlist, Project Closeout, and Maintains Profitability 

Attends walk-thru with installation company and customer

  • Owns the punchlist installation and project completion to the satisfaction of the customer


EMAIL US – send an email to along with your resume.

FOLLOW UP – We will call you to set up a phone interview and/or a conference call if we like what we see!

How to apply for the positions.

Email Us — send email to along with your resume and any portfolio examples you have.

Follow Up — We will call you to set up a phone interview and/or a conference call if we like what we see!