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CIS Chair

At the core of CIS is family. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re here for each other every step of the way

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We have an amazing culture that looks beyond just “the making of money”. Our mission is to help our clients ensure that their experience and new environments delight them in every way.

Market Director (DIRTT construction division within Corporate Interior Systems)

We are an innovative department within a well-established, financially sound company with a startup mentality. The interior construction division of Corporate Interior Systems, dig, is a fast-moving, growing department that is working with our industry partner, DIRTT, to disrupt the construction industry. Future-focused, we work with technology to create pre-manufactured construction that can be delivered to our clients in a whole new way.

We have an amazing culture that supports and engages each person on the team. Our mission is to ensure that our clients experience working with us and their new environment delights them in every way. This is an integral role for our team, one that will require strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and creativity to break through the traditional construction boundaries and thrive within the local construction market.


  • Confident, driven and dynamic leader
  • Team player
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking, interpersonal and communication (written and verbal) skills
  • Negotiation and presentation skills
  • Goal-oriented


  • Share the value and benefits of DIRTT prefabricated interior construction throughout Arizona
  • Builds and maintains client and employee relationships throughout all market segments
  • Responsible for managing communication between the dig & furniture teams
  • Strategic Planning leader- key to multi-prong approach to projects, when CIS, DIRTT, KNOLL teams involved – update and manage communication for all parties
  • Manage and maintain CRM system –dig team
    • Updating opportunities, teaming with appropriate seller to execute
  • Execute and elevate the CIS brand story in market place throughout Arizona
  • Optimize Industry Organization involvement – manage and maintain related marketing budget
    • Responsible for involvement in industry organizations and measure the involvement of sellers, communicate events and manage spend and ROI
  • Revive old relationships and service agreements with non-active existing accounts
  • Follows market trends to develop new and creative marketing strategies
  • Tracks projects and sales goals with assistance of sales dig team
  • Leads dig sales on relationship building events
  • Monitor activity and ensure accountability among team members
  • Set & manage expectations for company growth
  • Possess a strong understanding of CIS and dig and basic daily activities of each department
  • Communicates information, both technical and non-technical, to employees and clients, in a clear and concise manner


You will develop, coordinate and manage day to day goals and activities for the dig interior construction team. You will hold the ultimate responsibility for developing both internal and external relationships, constructing new marketing strategies, creating plans and evaluating efficiencies that will affect company growth and inter-office team-building, along with, growing the business and increasing revenues. You will lead the charge to meet and exceed dig revenue goals while embodying the CIS Core Values and Core Focus as they market CIS throughout Arizona.


The pay range depends on your experience level and will be reviewed further into the interview process.


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Technical Designer

The primary responsibility of a Designer is to provide technical design support for furniture budgets, spaceplans, product solutions, specification and pricing for projects generated by Sales/SA.


  1. Gathers Programming Information
    • Meets with Sales/SA to review the scope of work, budgets, and other qualifying information
    • If required, visits site for additional information
    • Ensures field measurements are done (PM or Sales will be assigned)
    • Develops timeline with Sales
  1. Generates Typicals for Budgeting, Participates in Product Evaluation, and Selection
    • Generates typical drawings and specifications
    • Provides value engineering and/or upgrade options as requested
    • Blends non-Knoll product specifications from Sales/SA into drawings
    • Obtains contract #/discounting from Sales, applies discounts to CAP Worksheets
    • Participates in product evaluations and presentations as requested
  1. Provides Collateral Materials, Assists with Bid or Proposal Responses
    • Provides requested presentation materials (3D drawings and renderings)
    • Participates in bid and proposal responses (proposal drawings and specifications)
  1. Design, Development of Furniture Floorplan, Specifications and Finish Form for Approvals
    • Generates furniture floorplan from approved typicals
    • Presents floorplans to the customer for approval sign-off or gives to Sales to present
    • Generates CAP Worksheet specifications, applies discounting
  1. Provides Installation and Final Layout Drawings, Follows Spec Check Process
    • Prepares install drawings, specs and initiates the D&I request
    • Conducts self-spec check of plan and specifications
    • Prepares documents for final audit.
    • Inserts Delivery and Installation, Design and any other service fees
  1. Exports SIF Files for Team Design Proposals
    • Exports CAP SIF file and all other documents into IQ
  1. Generates Installation Drawings and Assists with Punchlist Specifications
    1. Generates installation drawings 2 weeks after order is placed
    2. Assists PM, Sales and CS as required with generating punch specifications
  1. Provides Design Fee Options and Maintains Timesheets
    • Calculates Technical Design hours for projects and assists with generating Design Contracts
    • Maintains accurate time records in the IQ system
  1. Adheres to Design Standards and Company Policies
    • Follows standards established for saving and naming files, drawings, specifying and other policies and standards in the Design Department
    • Follows CIS company policies and procedures and Design process



EMAIL US – send email to along with your resume

FOLLOW UP – We will call you to set up a phone interview and/or a conference call if we like what we see!

How to apply for the positions.

Email Us — send email to along with your resume and any portfolio examples you have.

Follow Up — We will call you to set up a phone interview and/or a conference call if we like what we see!