CIS COVID-19 Update

CIS has been constantly monitoring the official recommendations from the CDC relative to our office, the safety of our staff, and their families. In an effort to ensure the health of our team and the community, we are adhering to the following adjustments to our business:

CIS is fully operational with our staff on a staggard schedule to promote social distancing. We are encouraging virtual meetings if you have business requiring an in-person visit please contact your account manager or the CIS main office number below and we will arrange an appointment for you.

The office doors are locked. All-access to our office will be through the front door by appointment only. Deliveries are to be made to the front door as well.


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): All of our service workers have been issued washable masks and disposable gloves to use while working. Installers are instructed to frequently change gloves and clean their masks nightly. Hand washing and sanitation is a priority and happening when possible for all installers. 

Cleaning/Disinfecting: We are working to provide all workers with disinfectants to wipe down job sites after our installers have completed their projects. Supplies are very limited, but we’re partnering with distributors to source as much as possible. Trucks are to be cleaned and disinfected nightly and uniforms must be washed nightly. 

Social Distancing: We are recommending that all installers stay at least 6 feet from all customers at all times. Customers will be given the option to receive their completion/sign-off documents by email. 

Guidance On Health/Safety: We are actively keeping our employees informed of any and all safety protocols being issued by the Health Department and the CDC. No employee is required to work during this time if they feel that they (or a loved one) are being put at risk. 

Stay Home When Sick: All of our employees have been instructed to stay home if they are feeling sick. We recommend that field technicians check their temperature every day and immediately inform their manager if they start to show any symptoms. 

Return To Work: Per CDC recommendations, if sick, subcontracted employees will not return to work until the following criteria are met and confirmed with their manager: – No fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers) – AND other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved) – AND at least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared 


If you need to contact a CIS employee, need modifications to your office, or recommendations on addressing work environments to meet new requirements – with newly developed products, please notify us at | 602.304.0100