Color Revelations: The Alcove

For those who prefer subdued tones, mossy greens and dark reds will help introduce a bit of color into your workspace without having to steer too much into a color-saturated scheme. But don’t be mistaken, darker tones can still create cozy atmospheres and help establish a consistent background to brighten accents of colorful décor.

These earth tone palettes are also very flexible. You can easily pair up a brown palette with some natural stones and wood flooring to create a more upscale environment.

For the third installment of our “Color Revelations” series, we take a look at darker and moody shades of mossy green, burgundy, black, grey, and browns and how to incorporate them into your space, whether it be in an office, home, educational, or hospitality setting.

Where These Colors Work Best

Burgundy works well in environments that want to encourage gentility, structure, and heritage such as a doctor’s office or law firm. Darker earth tones evoke feelings of tranquillity, a very necessary emotion in a stressful office setting. Green promotes health and success, which works well for workspaces that want to attract the energy of money. Find some inspiration below.


Darker tones are a great alternative to light Scandinavian interiors.



The marble pattern in combination with dark green, grey, and black add a dramatic touch to the space.



Complement intricate patterns with more demure designs such as our acoustic seating poufs.



Dark, saturated colors form a cocoon of safety.



Intricate patterns featured in dark tones help add some playful elements without going too over the top.