What Is A Thriving Workplace?

The Thriving Workplace is an opportunity to build a new, more humanistic environment that powers the workplace ecosystem, delivers a cultural hub, embraces flexibility, offers a variety of choice, leverages technology and encompasses holistic well-being.

As the hybrid workplace emerges, and organizations roll out a distributed work strategy, flexible, highly adaptable spaces are needed more than ever. What are some new spaces going to be like as you create your own unique neighborhoods and zones within a dynamic, Thriving Workplace? The possibilities are infinite.



Spread out, rearrange and throw ideas against the wall while seamlessly transitioning from group work to individual and smaller team activities, all within the same highly flexible and comfortable neighborhood.




Begin with the end in mind by engaging in purposeful, goal-oriented activities in productive settings that can shift and evolve as projects progress and move through different phases of work.



Convene with visitors or teammates to share, socialize, build community and culture in living room-style settings that easily segue to a range of meeting experiences whether in person or across video with remote participants.



Check in for some deep work–be it a few hours, a day, a week or more–in a neighborhood that not only delivers shelter for productive focus work but also inspires a sense of belonging, serenity and flow.



Embrace the buzz. Leverage high-traffic spaces to bring people together in informal ways—supporting impromptu “bumping into each other” experiences. It’s a hospitality setting that nurtures a sense of belonging, whether you’re connecting with others or simply desire to work “alone, together.”



Come together for community building and connection. This free zone is centered on an open town square–style event space that allows people to exchange ideas, learn and get their social fix in a reconfigurable gathering area. When there’s no event, it’s another space to sit down and think.



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