digg Clubhouse Featured in AZRE Coolest Offices

The digg Clubhouse was featured in the “11 of the Coolest Offices in the Valley” by AZRE.
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Here are 11 of the coolest offices in the Valley

The coolest offices of today are the product of decades of trial and error in how the spaces are decorated and designed. We’ve seen trends come and go, but one constant remains: Functionality.

Modern employees spend more time than ever at their workplace, and these offices reflect that trend. The spaces are more inviting, more comfortable and more flexible. Modern office spaces allow employees to get a workout and a shower in at the office, cook a meal and even have a little fun from time to time. All these functions are available without sacrificing production.

We have gathered below examples of these modern, functional offices in Phoenix and tried to learn what makes them cool and a pleasure to work at.

digg clubhouse at CIS

General Contractor: RBI

Architect/Designer: digg CIS, The Interior Construction Division

Location: 3311 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix

Size: 1,035 square feet

Value: $ 275,000 (includes furniture, DIRTT and

GC scope)

Start/Completion: November 2018-February 2019

Why it’s awesome: The digg clubhouse at CIS is an area that was previously under-utilized warehouse support for Corporate Interior Systems. The design-assist focused team needed an environment which fostered the creative collaboration while utilizing the current capabilities of DIRTT’s Solutions. The result is a timber mezzanine that provides storage, phone room, reading nook and elevated meeting space, all wrapped with the integrated solutions, millwork and integrated technology. The studio has an area of 840 square feet and provides designated stations for six, meeting area for eight and soft seating for 12; all in a modern, comfortable and adaptable environment.

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