Discover: The Bertoia Collection

CIS is honored to be the exclusive Knoll dealer for the state of Arizona for 30 of our 36 years in business, and we are proud to work with an amazing company like Knoll.

Celebrate 30 Years of a WonderKNOLL Thing with us with a look at The Knoll Classic, The Bertoia Collection! Since 1938, Knoll has been recognized for creating modern furniture that inspires, evolves, and endures.

The Bertoia Collection

Hans and Florence never insisted that Harry Bertoia design furniture when they originally gave him a studio in an early Knoll factory. They simply asked that he show them if he arrived at something interesting. He arrived at something outstanding. Introduced in 1952, the Bertoia Collection remains one of the great achievements of modern furniture design.

Bertoia Side Chair


Bertoia Barstool


Bertoia Diamond Chair


Bertoia Bird Chair


Stay tuned for more 30 Years of a WonderKNOLL Thing! We will be exploring The Knoll Classics, taking a look back at 1991, and much more!

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