Expanding the CIS Interior Construction Division

With the goal of evolving our business and creating a foundation of new opportunities, we’re expanding our interior construction division. Called “digg,” the rebranded division builds upon our history of service and innovation.


The Rebrand

The rebrand includes a new logo and tagline “Design—Integrate—Go—Grow,” representing the division’s commitment to faster builds and flexible designs. digg uses software and manufacturing to design and fabricate interior construction. DIRTT, our integrated partner, is a technology company that manufactures everything from walls, power, and data to millwork.


The Clubhouse

digg clubhouse

digg clubhouse

digg clubhouse


The digg clubhouse at CIS was a previously under-used warehouse. The result of the update is a timber mezzanine that provides storage, phone room, reading nook, and elevated meeting space, all with the integrated solutions, millwork and integrated technology.  The clubhouse is 840 SF and provides designated stations for 6, a meeting area for 8 and soft seating for 12.


The New Team Member

This expansion has brought on an addition that will complete the team of talented designers and project managers by the hiring a new Director of Sales, Rachel Rodriguez. Rodriguez grew up in Phoenix around construction, recently receiving her Masters of Real Estate Development from Arizona State University.

“I’m fortunate to be joining digg at such a dynamic time for both the company and our industry,” says Rodriguez. “With flexibility and pace of delivery being a key for growing, dynamic organizations, the DIRTT innovative product along with our customer focus and speed from design through installation make us the right partner at the right time for our customers.”

Rodriguez is excited to join a woman-led organization in the industry, “Being a woman in the construction industry is exciting to contribute fresh perspectives, improve teams, and gives a feeling of achievement by seeing something being built and come to fruition.”

With this expansion, we look to build upon a legacy of innovation and quality, while opening our doors to the future.

Looking to update your space or start fresh with interior construction that is innovative and environmentally friendly? Schedule a tour with our digg team today for more information.