Explore The Muuto HQ

Explore Muuto’s new perspectives on the modern workplace through a virtual tour of their headquarters in the heart of Copenhagen, created to bring the ideas of creativity, collaboration, and community into daily work-life:

Take a look at Muuto’s virtual showroom: Click here!

Speaking on the design of the Copenhagen HQ, Muuto CEO Anders Cleemann says:

“We wanted to create a space that would serve as a functional workplace to the utmost degree for our employees while communicating the values and ideas of the Muuto universe throughout every single square meter, allowing us to welcome retailers, architects, dealers and press into our world,” and adds: “We wanted to explore the blurring lines between workplace and showroom with the hospitality atmosphere, emphasizing how our designs across furniture, lighting and accessories are suitable for any workplace context, whether it be canteen areas, stationary desk spaces, conference rooms or flexible work zones.”

The activity-based zones in the HQ are created through Muuto’s designs that serve a functional and aesthetic purpose, in line with the given work type and modes: collaborative sessions, formal meetings and solo work, while embracing the social, informal encounters that happen throughout the day. This approach to activity-based zones is founded in the belief that our senses activate our intelligence, prompting the creation of spaces through the use of color, materials, shapes, and tactility to have a purpose that is not only functional but also aesthetic and biological.



An example of this could be a collaborative meeting area. Here, the designs used are playfully modern in their appearance in vibrant colors and used this sentiment throughout the elements of the area, whether it be colors, materials, lighting, or architectural structures.



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