Fresh Thinking for Workstations & Private Offices

We’ve always been thinking about how people interact with their environments, and how their environments impact what they do. We know from years of experience, focused on workplace research, that the nature of work has fundamentally shifted.

As the boundary between living and working has completely blurred, so has the essential nature of the workplace. It is our business to monitor the cultural dynamics that impact environments and imagine flexible products that address current conditions, promote well-being and anticipate inevitable change. Design is inherently about the future, a plan for tackling problems yet to come. We’re inspired by the challenges that are creating opportunities to innovate and rethink what we know.

We know the initial return to the workplace is going to be more structured than we’re used to—and that’s okay.

Our clients’ primary concern for arriving back to the office is the health and safety of their employees, with considerations around how people enter the office; circulation within the workplace; and new behaviors that need to occur to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for everyone.

Organizations are working to balance communicating new policies and procedures with providing their employees the freedom to work safely and maintain the choice and flexibility that we have all come to value in the workplace. Arriving to the workplace—after months away—will look and feel different.


Remove guest seating to signal that an office is limited to a single occupant

Create additional individual spaces by converting enclosed team areas to private offices

Add enclosure and separation with add-up glass and freestanding screens

Reconfigure freestanding desks along technology spine to create more distance between users

Reorient desks and add screens to enhance a sense of enclosure

Add temporary side screens to fixed-height benching for increased separation and space delineation

Add temporary screen surrounds to height-adjustable benching for increased separation and space delineation

Add storage to fixed-height benching for increased separation and additional space for personal items

Add screen surrounds to height-adjustable benching


Thriving denotes the revival after the arrival. It is an opportunity to create a new, holistic workplace. A workplace that supports the whole person: the personal, the communal, the mental and the physical.

Characteristics of a Thriving Holistic Workplace:

Togetherness. Environments that have a sense of belonging, providing opportunities for people to facilitate conversation, join together and engage in team and social activity.

Sanctuary. Thoughtful spaces designed for refuge from the hectic noise where individuals can contemplate and engage in deep thought.

Restoration. Settings that feed and restore people, with access to fresh-air, near natural light, surrounded by nature and with products that ergonomically support their work.

Equity. Planning optimized to support a wider range of diversity and inclusion, creating a more respectful place built on empathy and fairness.

Latitude. Settings that offer ample space for individuals and teams to freely move, and with furnishings that invite interaction.

Create neighborhoods in the open plan to foster togetherness

Use panels with add up glass to create a neighborhood for a team while allowing ample access to natural light

Create workstations that offer privacy and enclosure where employees can avoid distraction

Position freestanding screens to add enclosure to an individual workstation

Pair panels with mobile, freestanding furniture to give employees a choice in how they want to configure their workspace

Plan ergonomic workstations to allow users to change postures throughout the day

Create spaces for heads-down work that can also support small groups

Create spirited spaces for individual work

We make creative, inspiring places where people love to be. Understanding what drives you allows us to bring your workplace vision to life.

Whether you are a commercial, educational, healthcare, or government organization, we can help you achieve your workplace goals. We believe in places that offer people, across all generations, a fluid experience from intimate to shared spaces for small groups and teams. We make this possible because our constellation of brands works together to build unique workplaces across a range of budgets and price points.

Our hands-on approach prioritizes your brand values and company culture, and leverages our workplace experience; our team brings research and an innovative mindset to every engagement. We will work through the specific challenges of your organization to develop the right workplace planning strategy. Our dealers’ expertise in areas like space planning, specification development, project management, and logistics, combined with their global reach, ensures that your project proceeds smoothly every step of the way.

Let us show you why we love workspaces that inspire people to do their best work, contact us!

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