The Future Is Here: How DIRTT Holds the Solution to the Micro Hospital Concept

Micro Hospitals have become the latest trend in healthcare design and construction. They are designed for patients who may not have easy access to acute or emergency care, but are still required to meet the same federal, state and local requirements as those of an acute care facility.


There are a few things that categorize a Micro Hospital:

  • They are generally located within 20 miles of a full service acute facility for referrals of the more acute patients
  • They operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Their size range from 30,000 – 60,000 square feet with anywhere from 8 – 12 patient beds and 6-8 emergency beds
  • An average patient visit is around 24 hours and if the patient is is there for longer than 48 hours or need further diagnostics/treatment, they are transferred
  • There is onsite x-ray, ultrasound and lab
  • They are staffed with a board-certified emergency doctor 24/7


With Micro Hospitals popping up all over the valley, developers have to find solutions that make sense financially, meet the same standards medically, and ensure that the space is nimble to keep up with the rapidly growing technology.


DIRTT solutions go beyond these building requirements for Micro Hospitals and offer long-term, cost effective results with their ability to quickly replace current product, onsite without stopping operations, with new product to adapt to new technologies or new uses for a space.


All products are carefully designed to adhere to­ health codes with the option to customize each room to cater to specific needs such as in wall, plug and play electrical panels, dispensary compartments, smart storage, or in wall drop down seating. Every panel can be replaced, keeping the Micro Hospital current and competitive with other acute care facilities.


As the demands for Micro Hospitals continue to flourish in Arizona, the construction timeline will need to be expedited and the process will need to be approached carefully. With DIRTT’s offsite pre-manufactured construction, projects can be designed, installed and ready to use faster than traditional construction, all while eliminating debris from the hospital setting.


DIRTT’s ability to provide product that improves the patient care and provides staff with functionality and flexibility, helps support Micro hospitals to deliver safe quality patient care at the right place and at a reasonable cost.


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