Product Spotlight | May 2022 | All About Memo

Memo is a design company serving the contract furniture market, creating contemporary furnishings crafted in Seattle. Motivated by design’s ability to impact the human experience, Memo creates products that honor the essential.

Prose | Memo

Through its tapered lines, soft curves, and diverse range of postures, the Prose Collection honors the beauty of hardwood and the distinctive geometries of seating. The collection features a range of seating and tables, including tandem seating, lounge chairs, side tables, benches, and ottomans.Click here to learn more.



Penna | Memo

The Penna Collection consists of lightly scaled Lounge Seating, Occasional Tables, and Work/Dining Tables. Penna’s simple forms, material expression, and refined details evoke a sense of balance and optimism. Click here to learn more.

Rolo | Memo

Rolo is a collection of Lounge Seating, Sofas, and Tables. Its pillow-like cushions and simple curvilinear frames offer a composition of soft and hard forms that evoke comfort and openness. Click here to learn more.