Meet Zody II

Building upon Haworth’s legacy of seating research and expertise, the Zody II ergonomic desk chair delivers unmatched comfort for more people in more postures. Designed to be the only chair you need for a height-adjustable desk, Zody II offers a dual posture feature to support sitting and the in-between “perch” of sit-to-stand.



Zody II brings science-based well-being together with a thoughtful, more accommodating design for ultimate comfort. With its innovative dual posture feature, Zody II was created for people to use with height-adjustable tables, providing ergonomic support for seated and perching postures. The patented Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar (PAL) back support system allows users to adjust support on each side of the back. In addition to proven performance and comfort, Zody II is built with sustainability in mind and offers extensive design choices.



Features & Options

  • Dimensionally more accommodating seat and enhanced arms provide a greater range of ergonomic support for more people
  • Dual posture option supports seated and the in-between “perch” posture of sit-to-stand; ideal for use with a height-adjustable table
  • Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar (PAL) provides independently adjustable support for each side of the lower back
  • 4D arms fluidly adjust in height, side to side, front to back, and arm cap pivot position; also available with fixed or height-adjustable arms
  • Performance mesh in 9 colors or bleach cleanable digital knit back in 5 colors
  • 12-year, 24/7/365 warranty, up to 400 lbs
  • Also available as the fully upholstered Zody LX model




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