5 Office Accessories / Ancillary Products To Increase Productivity & Well-being

Maintaining and enhancing productivity in the workplace is not always easy to accomplish, but it can be boiled down to a couple of simple concepts…

Happy and healthy employees are productive employees.

Implementing a wellness program to target employee retention is a cost effective strategy. The goal of focusing on workplace wellness is to reduce turnover and keep employees engaged and in turn improve productivity and increase the bottom line. At the most human level, if we feel good physically, we can perform better intellectually and emotionally.

An office that adapts is an office that attracts.

Today’s workplace must attract and engage the new workforce. Workers must be able to easily connect to technology, display and share visual information, and adapt physical environments to meet their needs. Adaptable workspaces also promote the link between health and function. Standing up and moving around helps increase blood-flow and oxygen to the brain and exercise has been linked to improved cognitive function in humans. Even engaging in a low intensity activity like walking for 15 minutes can effect how much of our brain is engaged throughout the workday. We’ve compiled a short list of the newest products available that are sure to increase productivity and well-being.


1. InMovement Elevate DeskTop™ DT4

Height Adjustable Design Inmovement

The workforce is demanding a healthier way to work and InMovement is reimagining the office landscape. InMovement unites well-being with productivity in their new Elevate Desktop Series. The Elevate DeskTop™ DT4 converts your workstation into a height-adjustable standing desk with a flexible monitor arm, desk surface, and ergonomic keyboard tray. Available in dual-monitor and single-monitor versions.


2. Knoll HiLo

Knoll HiLo

HiLo is a personal, compact office companion designed for dynamic environments. It keeps you on your feet, so your ideas can take flight. HiLo addresses two defining shifts in today’s work culture: a focus on well-being, and the rise of untethered, flexible work styles. HiLo goes beyond supporting the modern workplace and expands possibilities. Experiment with a multitude of uses between sitting and standing, personal and shared—and find new ways to work.


3. Allermuir Baudot Strings Divider

Allermuir Baudot

Flexibility is important in shaping an open-office experience that benefits both the employee and the employer. Use office partitions or modular room dividers to create zones for different types of work activities and styles as well as to absorb sound. The Baudot Strings Divider is a beautiful example of where form meets function. It makes a visual impact in any area and the Baudot Divider can be used in acoustic landscaping as a solution to noisy environments. Read our blog on Optimizing Open Plan Office Acoustics for more.


4. Knoll Horsepower

Knoll Horsepower

Horsepower is a flexible tool for dynamic spaces. Horsepower brings power on demand to any space – scaling to provide portable technology solutions for a range of activity spaces and primary spaces. Mobile Horsepower enables users to connect, access and display technology to support the task at hand. The freestanding beam structure with integrated power and data solutions is available in over a dozen colors and finishes to match your unique environment.


5. DIRTT Breathe Walls

DIRTT Breathe Indoor Live Plant Wall

DIRTT has brought its intelligent, sustainable, modular, flexible approach to the world of living walls. Breathe™ is a hassle-free way to introduce live plants into office interiors. No water stains, bugs or dead plants here, just a simple and efficient system providing a soft, green touch without using up precious real estate. It is scalable and easily expanded from one panel to a monolithic wall of plants. Designers can incorporate Breathe living walls or interior plantscapes to bring nature indoors to beautify and detoxifying interior spaces.

Any way you look at it, one of the greatest advantages an organization can have in today’s competitive market is a happy, healthy, high-performing and engaged workforce. This leads to an increase in productivity and innovation. The research is clear and the evidence is getting more difficult to ignore, so what’s holding you back from investing in the health and wellness of your employees?

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