Product Spotlight ✨ November 2020

November 12, 2020


The Nomad Sport ping-pong conference table is a three-in-one solution for any space. Equipped with a hinge and lock system to fold & roll on the go, power options, and a dry erase surface for keeping meeting notes and tracking scores, it puts the FUN in functional. Click here to learn more.



Strap is a playful, portable surface option to help foster flexible workspaces. Lightweight and intuitive, take hold of the strap and you’re off to your next destination! Click here to learn more.




Verve is a versatile plastic shell chair program that offers inspiring, affordable, ergonomic seating in the types of flexible spaces where people now meet and work. Click here to learn more.




Approach tables are multifunctional, modular, and adaptive tables for environments designed as multi-purpose meeting spaces that accommodate migration from training space, to event place, to a formal meeting room. Click here to learn more.


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