CIS Phoenix Showroom Renovation Part 1

Why did we update our showroom? Over the 32 years in business, CIS has seen lots of change and growth in the company and in the industry. The way people work has evolved as new generations have entered the workforce and technological advancements have allowed us to work in new, dynamic ways. At CIS, we evaluated how our team works and what their needs are in each department, along with reviewing recent research from Knoll on their four workplace themes, Flexibility, Hospitality, Individuals & Teams and Well-being. We used this line of thinking and what we learned from our team to advance the functionality of our showroom, as we have done for many of our clients. Shifting to a space that caters to the work-styles of our team, we have developed a more open collaborative environment with designated refuge spaces that allows them to function at their highest capacity and displays a variety of work-style solutions for our clients. The goal was for our working showroom to match our collaborative team spirit and vibrant personalities of the team & company’s values while showcasing a modern workplace. The bones of the building were all we needed to get started.


Phase 1 The first phase of our showroom renovation began on the west side of the building in the Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing departments. The three department’s work styles vary and all work in close proximity to each other, so the design of the space had to be carefully thought through. Customer Service, with a focused and collaborative work-style, handles paperwork and is in the office all day, so they really needed to be in individual work stations with storage options and privacy panels but still needed easy access to the sales team. Sales, with a collaborative and high energy work-style, are in and out of the office all day, so they needed a touchdown work surface and not as much privacy. Marketing, with a focused work-style, needs to be available to communicate with Sales, but also needs a space to be quiet and work on deadlines. Collaborating with our Knoll and DIRTT team, CIS decided on a design that would accommodate all of the departments work-styles while maintaining the open environment and preserving the office culture. The design has 5 different workstation applications to fit the needs of the individuals and departments. Every detail was accounted for including desk height adjustability to support ergonomics, storage options for each department, down to the type of chair best suited for the team member. The design truly speaks to culture of CIS—to be like a family working along-side each other 5 out of 7 days of the week. More to come with Part 2 of the showroom renovation. Showroom reveal coming Summer 2017.