Through an appearance that seems simple from afar yet unfolds through subtle detailing upon closer inspection, the Soft Side Table brings an archetypal yet contemporary perspective to its form. We visited award-winning designer Jens Fager in his barn-turned-studio in the Swedish countryside to explore his thoughts behind the design.

”The starting point of the Soft Side Table was to create something that was both subtle and characterful. Now, these two are often perceived as opposite poles, so the intent was to bring them together through softened surfaces and an understated yet sophisticated functionality,” says Fager, looking across the workshop that acts as part of his studio, housed in a barn in the lush southern Swedish countryside.



Nodding towards the foot of the design, Fager notes:
“This really shows this notion of having character without making much noise—the foot has a somewhat balanced effect while acting as a soft transition into the leg upon which the tabletop rests.”



Underneath the table is a subtly integrated handle, allowing for it to be easily moved around while echoing the ideas of forward-thinking functionalities: “When one engages with the table, you discover this small albeit caring detail underneath that really adds to the experience when using the design in daily life,” remarks Fager.

Designed from the idea of paring a design down to its essence, the Soft Side Table is offered in a multitude of sizes and colors, ranging from neutral to more vibrant options, that can be combined to suit the aesthetic and functional needs of the given space

This article was originally posted on muuto.com