Trends For The New Decade

With each new year comes new trends for the office. We’ve done our research and we have found what will be the top office trends for 2020!


1) Flexibility

From movable walls and mobile furniture to adjustable lighting and technology, flexible spaces allow employees to transform rooms in an instant. This trend is becoming the new normal for many workplaces as work environments continue to shift towards more collaborative and active spaces. Offering employees the freedom to move around is great for their health and motivates them to work more efficiently. 

2) Bringing the Outside In

Biophilic design is taking root in offices. Whether it’s a Breathe™ wall from DIRTT, hanging plants, or a few scattered potted plants, bringing nature into the office offers multiple benefits. But, biophilic design isn’t just about plants but includes windows that allow natural light in, using wood material, and having an available outdoor pace. Bringing the outside in is a great way to create a calming and stress-free environment.


3) Experience-Driven Spaces

The goal of this trend is to prioritize employee experience at the workplace. These spaces are aimed at enhancing overall wellness, cultivating happiness, creating a community and overall boosting morale of the office. These on-site spaces usually reflect the company and its people, such as yoga studios, walking trails, game rooms, and espresso or cocktail bars.


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