We’re Yelling “Timber”

While prefabricated timber solutions are not new, they are changing the game for faster, less wasteful and more cost-effective building. DIRTT Fabricating timber assemblies off-site at a factory makes the process much more efficient, and once the prefabricated components are on-site, timber can go up in days. The combination of beauty and strength make it a popular way to build all kinds of spaces.  Timber is a truly structural solution, scalable from canopies defining your interior space, to mezzanines within existing buildings.


Like all DIRTT solutions timber is able to work in any space, new or existing. Enhancing the functionality and feel of your space. For example, timber mezzanines can significantly increase the amount of usable office space in high-ceiling buildings such as warehouses and factories.



DIRTT sources its timbers from Switzerland and Germany for numerous reasons such as supply chain risks, consistency and performance of the materials along with social, environmental and economic factors.  Using these superior materials allows DIRTT to use hidden wood-on-wood connections and traditional joinery, reducing labor on the job site.



Why the Experts Love Timber:

“Timber is dramatic and impressive, especially building with DIRTT.  It is natural, sustainable, low in production energy, offers great insulation, quick build, durable and easy to maintain. ”
digg Director of Sales, Rachel Rodriguez


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