What is a Furniture Dealership?

Have you ever walked into a professional space and been energized and inspired by the environment? That doesn’t happen by accident. This experience was created for you by a talented interior design team and a furniture dealership.


Most people will know what an interior design team does but a question we get all the time is “What, exactly, is a furniture dealership?” In short, a furniture dealership helps you find the best solutions for your workspace by learning what your needs are, helping you execute your vision, and maintaining your investment for years to come. You can think of a furniture dealer as your partner who has access to the best furniture and interior resources in the industry and the ability to make sure it is delivered and installed correctly.


What are the benefits of working with a dealership?

A seasoned dealer will come alongside you and support your project budget, timeline, and goals. A few ways that they will do this are:


A dealership will help you gain access to furniture products that are not sold directly to end-users. Most commercial furniture manufactures are experts in manufacturing and creating innovative products, however, they are not experts in selling their products directly to consumers.

A dealership will manage your project from beginning to end. The dealership team will help you get inspired and invigorated to make changes in your workplace, whether this is a complete cultural shift or a refresh of a space that already works well but has seen better days. They will also help guide the details: choosing finishes, deciding on layouts, finalizing your orders, coordinating with the manufacturers, managing delivery times, and installation.

A dealership will maintain your investment. Commercial furniture is a substantial part of your office, educational, or medical environment expense. Commercial furniture and the fabric that is used on it is fire-rated and durability-tested for high usage. It is also supported by longer warranties than all residential furniture. This furniture is built to last through thousands of hours of wear and tear. Within the lifespan of your furniture, maintenance will be required, and a furniture dealership will be there to continuously help you make moves, add furniture, change your layout, and utilize warranties.


How do I choose a dealership?

There are all kinds of furniture dealerships serving communities across the country. As you consider what kind of dealership would be right for your project, here are some things to keep in mind:


Dealerships align with different furniture manufacturers. Each dealership has different manufacture brands that they align with or has exclusive rights to. For instance, the 4 largest furniture manufacturers align with individual dealerships in each region. CIS is the only dealership in Arizona that represents Knoll. We also have partnerships with over 600 other manufactures but not the same exclusivity as Knoll. Choosing a dealership that has the brands you love is important.

The quality of furniture brands is not created equal.  With hundreds of furniture brands to choose from, making a decision on which one will maximize your investment is a challenge. Working with an experienced dealership will help you to understand how your space is used. They will guide you to make the investments in the products that will last where they are needed and find more budget-friendly options for areas of your office that have less traffic.

Trust the one you’re with. Relationships are important and make each working experience either pleasant or a nightmare. Trust is incredibly important. Commercial furniture is a large purchase with constricted timelines, you must trust that your dealership will have the foresight to avoid as much risk as possible. They must follow through with the promised delivery and installation schedule in order to meet the other deadlines surrounding your project.


The result of partnering with a reputable dealership is the beautiful new space that is both functional and improves the way your people feel when they come in every day. At CIS we pride ourselves on creating an experience that is built on integrity and trust, both in our service and with the manufacturers we represent. Are you looking to improve your current space or furnish a new space? We’d love to help. Call us today for a consultation and tour.