Why Ergonomics is SO Important?

Our Senior Account Manager, Alli Adams, recently became a certified Ergoinoist! As an Ergonomist she studies, designs, and elevates the human work system to optimize the performance and safety of those systems & people. We asked her for tips on making your work environment the best for you!

A few things that can help prevent future ergonomics injuries are:

  • Every 20 minutes get up and walk for 2 minutes.
  • If you have a sit/stand desk, you should stand for 5 minutes out of every 20.
  • When sitting, be sure your posture is in a neutral position; slightly reclined with your arms resting at your side, not on your armrest. Be sure to have your feet on the floor and have your seat adjusted so you have 2-4 fingers between the end of your seat pan to the back of your knee.
  • All your working tools need to be within arm’s reach, not to lean forward!
  • Make sure your monitor arms are in line with your eyes, so you are not straining your neck up or down… it needs to be straight ahead.
“Having an ergonomic workspace is often overlooked but it is crucial in a productive work environment!  An evaluation of your personal workspace can help you understand what is working, and what can be adjusted for a more comfortable space.” – Alli Adams

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